Australian-Made Adaptive Clothing
Australian-Made Adaptive Clothing
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Firstly, let's go back to 1983, to where it all began, in a hospital ward in Western Australia . . .

A devoted, but frustrated, nurse finally gave up trying to dress one of her elderly patients.  As a result of the stroke he had suffered, his upper body movement was so limited that the effort required just to put on a shirt caused him unbearable pain.

Determined to find an easier way to dress her patient, the nurse asked if she could take his shirt home to alter it. 

That night, she sat down at her sewing machine and set about adapting the shirt into what would become our very first prototype.  The new version was such a success that she went a step further, and designed a whole new shirt, one with an overlap at the back - not so different to the design we use today. 

The idea led her to form Medi Comfort Garments, to which she dedicated every spare minute she could find (while continuing her nursing career, and raising her young family).

We like to think that today's Medi Comfort Garments retains many of the qualities that she held dear.  For instance, we still look for ways to improve the dressing process for anyone with limited mobility.  We keep a tight rein on costs, because we firmly believe that quality adaptive clothing should be affordable to anyone who needs it.  Also, we're aware that many people who contact us are in a new and upsetting chapter in their lives, and sometimes just want to talk, and that's fine - we're good listeners.

Finally, just as our founder did, we still manufacture our adaptive clothing, anti-strip suits and adult bibs, here in Western Australia . . . where it all began back in 1983.

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