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September is World Alzheimer’s Month!

This campaign was launched in 2012 by Alzheimer’s Disease International, with an aim to destigmatising and raising awareness of the disease.  Both tough goals.  

At a time when we seem obsessed with defying the ageing process, how do you go about softening the edges of something like Alzheimer’s, and making it palatable enough to garner people’s support?

On a daily basis at Medi Comfort Garments, we speak to relatives of people with Alzheimer’s.  They’re often stressed and upset, having suddenly found themselves in a strange new landscape. 

Mum always took such pride in how she looked, it breaks my heart to see what the carers put her in now,” or: “Dad would be horrified if he knew what he was doing” – we frequently hear these comments, and others like them, in conversations with our clients.  

As part of what we do, we visit aged care facilities and meet people who we’re told were never aggressive before, but have now become so as a result of Alzheimer’s.  We also meet people who smile and talk to us, mistakenly believing that they’ve known us all their lives. 

And we see some amazing care - truly heart-warming in the patience and kindness shown to the residents.

No-one wants to imagine themselves living with Alzheimer’s. It’s easier to leave it in the background and pretend it isn’t there.  Fingers crossed it won’t happen to us.  Right?

Wrong.  Because it’s not in the background.  It’s here. It’s in care facilities, private residences and hospital wards around the world.  And it needs our support.

So, this month, let’s get behind Alzheimer’s Disease International (and those living with Alzheimer’s).  It’s easy – just pop on some purple, because not only is purple gorgeous and regal (and who doesn’t want to feel gorgeous and regal?), but it’s also the official colour of Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness.

You can purchase ribbons and pins at your local Alzheimer’s association (there’s a link on our site to our local association, Alzheimer’s WA). 

After all, life is short and love is rare (so make the most of both while you can).

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